Lululemon. Have you ever bought anything from the store? The bag is laid out nicely with little inspirational quips, like, “The pursuit of happiness is the source of all unhappiness.” And, “Choose a positive thought.” Here’s what I chose to do this past weekend with my friend, Susi.

Do one thing a day that scares you.

It wasn’t scary for her, since she’s a professional VIB by this point (that’s Very Important Bride, for those of you unaware). But for me? Oh boy. This thing was like a Nordstrom Rack sale on Black Friday.

The Denver Bridal Expo

You should have seen my friend. She was a rockstar. She had a binder. She had pre-printed labels with her information on them. She had a bag for schwag. She even had a couple of granola bar snacks to keep her energy up.

Like I said, pro.

She weaved me in and out of those crazy bride-to-be’s, stopping at this vendor and that strategically. It was awesome.

We stopped for cake samples.

20110327 showerbridalfair 42

We looked at flower samples


And then another photographer starting yelling something at me like, “Hey, HEY! I see you have a camera! Come work for me! I need someone tall and with personality, and I can tell you have personality!”


I mumbled something about, “AAAAH…I don’t do weddings!” and ducked under Susi’s arm and then ran for it.

Holy wow.

There was also a fashion show. So here’s another little insider information…I used to do those. They always tug at my heart a little; that loud music, the lights, the clothes.

20110327 showerbridalfair 87

I ended up taking too many pictures of this part.

Bridal 1

I couldn’t help it.

Bridal 2

The poor people standing behind me finally gave up and moved, since I kept hopping up and down on my chair to get just the right shot.

Bridal 3

But then this model?

Bridal 4

She spun around and threw her bouquet exactly in our direction and I dove under my chair. A sweet little grandma just in front of us nabbed it, ripping it two. Sweet, indeed.

20110327 showerbridalfair 152

Oh whew.

When we emerged back out into the sun, my heart beat even faster. Downtown Denver holds a place in my heart like no other. The smells. The color. The energy. The weirdness.

20110327 showerbridalfair 307

20110327 showerbridalfair 310

20110327 showerbridalfair 315

20110327 showerbridalfair 316

20110327 showerbridalfair 313

The places I’d like to slip into, just to listen and watch and maybe have a bite to eat.

Mary Pantier Photography  137 of 1

We did sneak in here.

The curtis

What a cool place. If you ever have a chance, stay here.

Reason #1? Hula hooping with the front desk guy. They coaxed me and coached me and you know what? After about 38 years of trying this…SUCCESS!

20110327 showerbridalfair 323

I’m gonna go buy myself one of my own next week.

Reason #2? They make you freshly baked cookies on the spot and they make you do this.

20110327 showerbridalfair 325

Reason #3? Right around the corner is stuff like this.

20110327 showerbridalfair 329

And then a wall of this.

20110327 showerbridalfair 331

Oh. I could like downtown for a living spot. Yep I could. I’d miss my suburbia and would go back after a bit, but man I could like it down there.

Preferably during baseball season.

But you’ll hear enough of that starting next week, I’m sure. Prepare yourselves.

The sight-to-see that won the random card on this excursion? This place.

20110327 showerbridalfair 318

Pretty sure it’s a bar, but when we walked back by, this was happening.

20110327 showerbridalfair 335

Hair cuts with big huge shears. I think she lopped off where his sideburns where connected to his on-top-of-head-hair.

Man I love Denver.

We’re about to head out to Oregon for a few days. Hoping to get some good R&R in, smell some salty air, and wear the snot out of my new red Hunter Wellies (inspired by my awesomely cool and chic friend, Lexi).

Another Lululemon tidbit for the road?

Dance, sing, floss and travel.

See you next week, then!