Insurance Claims.

When we have days like today, the almost-3yo and me, I wonder if I’m going to be able to weave back together my sanity rope that has become severely frayed. I need that thing to hold together my waxing and waning patience. Honestly, it’s in those little moments (suspiciously like the ones that have popped up sporadically and often over the last 12 hours), that I think, “Wow. How does God do this with millions of His children each day? He’s like a superhero or something.”

I had a friend tell me that her son came home from school a few days ago happy, then quickly turned into a gigantoid sourpuss and was pretty cranky at everyone else for a time until she took a few deep breaths and offered, “Son, would you like to have a spanking or do you want to come over and let me hold you for a while?”

To her surprise, and perhaps somewhat out of character for his spunky self, he chose the holding.

It made me wonder if I was just looking for a little brawl for my short stuff today instead of being content with holding him for a while. Or, if I wasn’t listening to what he really needed because it was being presented in a way that made me nearly lose it.

Probably some of both, to be honest. Seems like we feed off of each other sometimes.


I’m just kidding. That word makes no sense, even if it’s allowed by spellcheck.

Regardless…I’ve come to the conclusion that every picture that I take of him is another paragraph in his insurance policy.

Mary Pantier Photography  1631 of 1

He is clever, funny, and witty; all beyond his measly 2 years and 11 months. And gosh darnit I think he’s terribly cute.

Mary Pantier Photography  1632 of 1

We have conversations. He has my snarky sense of humor and his dad’s ability to wage the risk against the consequence, which does sometimes mean that it’s worth the risk.

Mary Pantier Photography  1628 of 1

Mary Pantier Photography  1633 of 3

Mary Pantier Photography  1635 of 3

That above is this “camera” girl’s version of video. He was “running”.

He asks for our help as he needs it, but more often than not lately he hits me with, “No, I can do it.”

20120119 0119 Bus Stop 15

And you know what? He can.

20120119 0119 Bus Stop 16

He tries and is confident.

20120119 0119 Bus Stop 18

He takes the risk.

20120119 0119 Bus Stop 19

20120119 0119 Bus Stop 24

And then he tells me, commands me, to check it out – this great feat.

20120119 0119 Bus Stop 27

And believe me, I do. He might not need me to once he figures it all out.

20120119 0119 Bus Stop 29

And he just might.

20120119 0119 Bus Stop 30

Because how ever many insurance claims he files, however he tries my patience, he really is “a keeper” as Hank says.

And worth every bit of his premium.

Maybe so much so, that it would justify the next swanky lens on my list, you know, just to be sure I’m getting the pics of him that make me remember sweet afternoons like this one… hmmmm.

And I sign off wearily, but happily (because he’s asleep now, ha)…good night.