We shopped. We haven’t done this in a while, but Hank wanted to look for a specific type of shoe to run in that helps stabilize your feet or ankles or self or something or other, so we piled into the FJ and headed for the mall. By the way, it would take me nine hours and all kinds of one-on-one therapy to learn how to put those kind of shoes on. I could never even put on those crazy striped socks that had toes in them when they were the big trend.

It’s why I stick with flip flops.

As soon as Holden heard “the mall” he perked right up. As I said, it’s been a while.

Ewan came down with a case of the sleepies on the drive there, so after realizing that neither of us had remembered a stroller, we rented one of the big plastic ones. Well. As soon as Ewan saw it, there was no more sleeping. There was only fun.

And when you have a stroller, you have to take the elevator, which is fun for Holden. And a little psychadelic.

Then there is the maneuvering of escalators. I’m out on this one. I nearly shot Holden down one of those when he was a baby and have been terrified ever since. I’d rather rapel off of the edge holding my kids by their toes than take a stroller down one of those things again. Ever.

We searched high and low for those shoes, but evidently, they’re hard to find.

While in one particular store, the lovely girls offered the boys free cookies. They wanted to stay forever.

Holden helped Ewan open the wrapper to his cookie before he squished it to death.

Then wasted no more time and swallowed his own in one bite.

Watching the cookie monsters made us a little thirsty, so we went around the corner to a coffee shop for refreshments.

We did need to get the boys some summer clothes, but when we got there I released Ewan into the wild without thinking.

And when I finally caught up with him, he was trying to get to Holden who was trying on some potential new shorts.

Seizing this opportunity, Holden took a shortcut out of the dressing room.

Ewan was captured by Hank, but did not like it. He’s learned to say “down” (sounds kind of like “doh”) and yell “momma!” so he did both rather insistently but Hank was a champ and showed his amazing talent of balancing a pile of clothes, standing in line patiently, and sticking like glue to a very wiggly 15-month-old.

Holden and I rescued Hank and after slipping Ewan’s very cool Buzz Lightyear sandals on his marshmallow feet, we walked him around for while.

And then he spied this at the next stop. He’s not persistent or anything.

And after tickling the economy a bit more, we left the mall.

Without the funky shoes. Never did find the darn things.