Today was the last day of preschool for Holden. I was trying really hard in this moment to hold it all together, because, well, just look at that little excited man.

This is better. I’m so proud of him. And he’s having a little pity on me, bless his heart.

And to honor Holden on his last day of preschool ever, he was allowed to take his camera to school and take pictures all morning. The following will be captioned by Holden himself. Enjoy them, for there are many.

This is Bennie. He’s four and he can climb on top of one monkey bar, but I’m still learning how to. There’s three sets and I have a picture of one. Next to Bennie is I think is Lia. She’s four and she can do the red rods all by herself. That’s Ella, Riley, and Avastiani swinging on the tire swing.

Um, this shows my face in front of the camera. That’s all what it’s about.

This is Cadence peeking under Evan’s arm. And there’s Sophia; she’s on the first monkey arm. That’s the littlest one. That’s Skyler. He maybe didn’t want to say cheese so maybe that’s why he’s doing that face.

This is Nathan on the bridge and his mom and dad let him wear his pajamas today at school, and…they…were…IRONMAN! He’s on the kindergartner’s bridge for graduation day and Daniel’s dad made it.

This is Sydney on the kindergartner bridge with sunglasses on. I don’t know much about her. And there’s Lia standing on the bridge and I think she smiled. There’s Kai, Skyler’s brother, and he’s four. His brother does the red rods with him. And he knows how to ride one of our bikes.

I was looking for dinosaur bones with Emma in this sand.

There’s nobody in that picture because we’re walking to practice and I turned on my camera and shot that. Andrew and I wanted our pictures taken with each other, so I took this with the timer on. I think that girl is Riley, she’s four and one of her best friends is Stella.

This is the volcano. This picture was taken by Daniel because he wanted a picture on my camera and it was in the kindergartner room so he did this for me. You have to be a kindergartner to go in there.

There’s Lauren and Declan, and Lauren again. And there’s Stella sitting down at that table.

This is Emma. We just do not love each other anymore. Emma loves Andrew and I love Lucy and Anna loves me but she said she will marry Gavyn.

In the striped sweater is Evan and he’s putting beads in from the 4 and 5 layouts I think. Maybe he’s helping a friend. And those girls are doing the rods but doing yoga right now because they think that yoga’s funner. And Mr. John David was like, “Are you gonna take a picture of me,” and I did psshhhhtt. (Note from Mary: Not sure how to spell what Holden just said, sorry.)

This is Avastiani and I can’t remember the other girl. I said, “Stand next to each other,” and I got them together.

That guy in the green shirt is Flynn. Did you know that that shirt he’s wearing is the t-ball school that I go to and did you know what it’s named? Erie T-ball. Sitting at the table is Ella and she’s working on Play-Doh and she’s making a butterfly. I can’t see what Lia’s doing because her hands are right in the middle of her work.

This is Reva. She’s working where the cups are and little bead things and there is fake snakes. But they’re real. They don’t slither though, but you can touch them so they’re real.

That’s Bridget, who Andrew used to love. And there’s Andrew in the middle, with his Shrek paper airplane. And there’s Ms. Kelly talking to my mom and she signed me out. She teaches me all kinds of different works and I like her.

And that’s it. I like most of the things I think about my school. I like my friends. I like my school. I’m going to miss my school because we do surprises everyday. Today they were going to do some chair washing out front and I like that.

And I like getting my book orders from school and goodbye! And I have to go send my pictures to my school.