It was a really good day.

There is profound difference between our two boys. Where our older boy loves the chaos and brightness of big gatherings, our youngest enjoys small groups and concentrated time with the people he loves the absolute most. I’ve spent hours and hours and hours happily planning and executing parties for Holden with costumes and personalized party favors and games and catering and themes, while Ewan’s birthday consisted of a cake that was provided for us, ten balloons that were already filled and tied to chairs, and a decorated party room at our local rec center. The only thing we had to do was show up.

It did feel a little weird to do so little, but it was awesome and so relaxing. And for our boy who loves the simple yet precious pieces of life, it was nothing short of perfect.

We brought a few things so that we could dress up his cake, and then it had been eaten and presents opened within the first 30 minutes.

2013-02-17_0006 2013-02-17_0007 2013-02-17_0005

There was a bit of creative balloon tying that happened before we could redirect their energy toward the presents…

2013-02-17_0008 2013-02-17_0013 2013-02-17_0014

2013-02-17_0011 2013-02-17_0010 2013-02-17_0009  2013-02-17_0019

And then it happened.

Our boy shined like the brightest sun. Such happiness and joy in him.

2013-02-17_0015 2013-02-17_0032 2013-02-17_0030 2013-02-17_0033 2013-02-17_0027 2013-02-17_0025 2013-02-17_0026 2013-02-17_0023

2013-02-17_0018 2013-02-17_0022 2013-02-17_0021 2013-02-17_0020 2013-02-17_0016 2013-02-17_0024 2013-02-17_0028 2013-02-17_0029 2013-02-17_0031 2013-02-17_0034

And then…

The remains of the day.