it’s all your fault, amy.

TODAY! Oh my gosh TODAY!

Today marks the most AWESOME EVER DAY for our 6th-grade kiddo. There has been a countdown for this day.

Today is new clarinet day.

And I have a new hashtag: #thanksalotamy


Seriously. Bouncing off the walls. We nearly tackled him when he came home from school today and yelled, “WELL??????” And he just BEAMED. He threw open the little case, put it together, and hit those first notes.

0831 clarinet_4

I accidentally yelled, “Oh my god MY EARS!!!” Those first few notes hurt, y’all.

0831 clarinet-003

0831 clarinet-005

0831 clarinet-006

0831 clarinet-007

And by this time he was giggling a lot, too.

0831 clarinet-008

0831 clarinet-009

0831 clarinet-010

0831 clarinet_3

0831 clarinet-011

0831 clarinet-014

Then, there was a story about how his band teacher used to walk around his town and put in about 40 hours per week just blowing into the mouthpiece. So he did that. Only lasted about three minutes, though. Thank you, Jesus.

0831 clarinet-015

0831 clarinet-016

He actually sounded pretty good at times.

0831 clarinet-017

0831 clarinet-020

0831 clarinet-021

Then, the 3rd grader came home from school. He circled his older brother like a lion.

0831 clarinet_2

0831 clarinet-029

0831 clarinet-028

0831 clarinet-027

Did you know that children get very bad ideas ALL ON THEIR OWN? We didn’t even have to prompt this.

0831 clarinet-030

That younger one WANTED the clarinet. NEEDED it even. BEGGED.

0831 clarinet-034

0831 clarinet-035

0831 clarinet-036

Then we almost lost him to a bad note.

0831 clarinet-037

0831 clarinet-038

0831 clarinet-039

0831 clarinet-040

And then, as I watched Holden try to explain how to play the clarinet, this happened. I HAVE BEEN HIS MOTHER FOR 7.5 YEARS AND HAVE MISSED THAT DIMPLE IN HIS LEFT CHEEK. How? Also, I cannot wait until Ewan has children of his own and has to feed them baby food. He’s going to make the best faces on accident we’ll ever see.

0831 clarinet-041

0831 clarinet-042

0831 clarinet-043

0831 clarinet-044

0831 clarinet-045

Holden explained the different sections…

0831 clarinet-031

0831 clarinet-032

0831 clarinet-033

And then maybe got confused that it was a guitar???

0831 clarinet-047

And then I’m not quite sure what he was explaining here.

0831 clarinet-048

But he handed it over. And little bro rocked it out! We very well might have a little wind band here. (For once, I’m not talking about gassy children.)

0831 clarinet-050

0831 clarinet-056

0831 clarinet-055

0831 clarinet-051

0831 clarinet-049

But Ewan has decided he wants to play the French Horn instead. It plays the Star Wars theme.

BTW, Amy was Holden’s teacher in elementary school who taught him to play the recorder. As much as we cringed our way through it IT WAS OH SO PAINFUL, it’s been awesome. He LOVES playing music. #thanksalotamy For real. <3