since i posted last – sorry for that. Life’s been happening in the real world lately and not online…so here’s a quick catch-up.

Holden & I worked in the yard.
Holden And I

Mary and Holden have been enjoying their time together this summer. Days have been filled with sleeping in, bugs, plants, a trip to the zoo, multiple park journeys and a couple of picnics.
Mary & Holden Laughing

Having a puppy again has been interesting – he’s a good dog but when you haven’t had a puppy in 10 years or more you forget about the random puppy “freak out” times. He sure is cute though.Oscar and His stick

And Oscar and Holden are becoming good buddies – well mostly. There is the occasional “sibling-rivalry”.Holden & Oscar

Lastly – Mary would like to tell everyone goodbye!Scary Mary!