Got up at 6 am with the baby this morning. While that might seem like a decent hour to you, I also got up with him at 3 am, 3:30 am, 4 am, and 4:30 am, but only to shush him through the door.

Then I took him downstairs and let him roll around and over me while I kind of slept a bit more on the floor.

At 8:15 am, we all piled in the car to take Holden to preschool, then Hank and I went on a date. To the grocery store. Yes, a date. Ewan can’t pepper us with the “I wants” yet so it was quiet and we got grocery store coffee and it was a date.

Came home, put Ewan down for a nap, put up groceries. Called the vet because the new kitty’s sick. Washed the kitty’s face so he can open his swollen-shut eye.

Ewan woke up, wanted a snack. Cut a million blueberries in half so he wouldn’t choke, cut some cheese (no, not THAT kind. cheddar.), and remembered I hadn’t eaten breakfast. Time to go get Holden from school.

Picked up Holden, came home, asked him what he wanted for lunch.

Poached eggs, he said. Six of them. Let’s start with two.

He ate those and a cup of yogurt. I remembered I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch.

Got stuff out to make tuna salad. Put Ewan in high chair with some peas and a million more blueberries. Holden’s still hungry. Needs more eggs. Ewan squawks for more food. Changed mind on the tuna salad; will make tuna poodle noodle casserole instead.

Give Holden the eggs, needs more yogurt. Get that, and I spy the strawberries in the fridge. Hmmm. How do I get Holden to eat more than one…dip them in white chocolate.

Heat chocolate, open tuna. Kitties go wild, about to climb my legs. Stop and go feed them. Man, I’m hungry.

Make noodles for lunch, Ewan starts swiping all food from tray. (That’s sign language for “I’m finished.”) Release Ewan.

Give strawberries and chocolate to Holden. Start making casserole. Stomach growls. Ewan’s quiet.

Where’s Ewan?

Pull Ewan from large potted plant and rinse dirt from his hands and face. Release Ewan again, like a trout, back into the wild.

Holden’s finished. Clean up high chair and Holden’s dishes. Finish casserole. Put some on plate.

Where’s Ewan?

Pull Ewan from medium potted plant on short plant stand and rinse dirt from his hands and face. Catch and release.

Sit down with lunch. It’s cold. Blech. Ewan’s sleepy. Set lunch aside to nurse Ewan and put him down for second nap. Look at clock.

It’s only 12:45 pm.

CRACK up laughing.

an oldie, but goodie. fits the mood.

an oldie, but goodie. fits the mood.