It’s the little things.

Sorry about the hiatus. Have been madly editing lately and just had to put our personal stuff on hold for several days. And to reward those patient (ha) boys of mine, we took a little trip this morning.

You know it’s Doughnut Friday, right? Well evidently, Daddy performed an epic fail since there was no Doughnut Ride today to get the Friday doughnuts, so the Fish (after passionately telling his father that he would have gone bike riding with him this morning had he known) softly demanded a good substitute.

Krispy Kreme it was.

The boys had never been. Actually, I think we took the 6YO once, but it’s been about two years so he didn’t remember a thing. You’d think they’d just knocked on the pearly gates of Heaven itself.

IMG 4632

I nearly had to break out my secret stash of window wipes in the car and clean up their drool marks.

IMG 4634

It is kind of cool to watch them roll through on the conveyor belt. I wouldn’t mind having a glaze shower like that…as long as it was a massage table and the glaze was warm oil and then some awesomely strong hands worked over sore muscles until they were soft and pliable again.

Well. I kinda just made this PG-13. Sorry.

IMG 4635

They couldn’t wait to place their order: a chocolate glazed, custard filled something-or-other and a vanilla drizzled doughnut. And do you know what special bonus we received? Free original glazed doughnuts. Who knew? When the “HOT” light is on outside the shop, it’s free doughnut time. Huh.

IMG 4654

Honestly, I don’t think these boys have ever enjoyed their breakfast as much as this sugar-coma-inducing one.


He actually did a happiness jig, complete with a song about these doughnuts being “so delicious.”


This little Buddha was, um, actually too absorbed in his present moment.


Om, baby. With a sprinkle of namaste.

IMG 4652

IMG 4649

We had leftovers to share with Daddy.

IMG 4657

But oh, the adventure did not end there, oh no, no, no. Right as I had nearly made it to the entrance of our neighborhood, one of our town’s law enforcement team, aka The Fuzz, kindly pulled me over to let me know I was pulling a 10-over. Woops. And, my insurance card was the old one, which had conveniently expired four days prior. So as I was being run through the system to determine if I had stolen my vehicle or was otherwise wanted for something naughty, I snuck a phone call to Hank so that he could print out a copy of our current insurance and bring it to me. Up the road he came in no less than five minutes, my knight on a silver bicycle, with my current insurance papers in his mouth, just in time for our friendly neighborhood uniformed guy to holler across the street, “It’s ok, I’m just giving her a warning!”

Too funny.

I really do love this town. It’s the little things about it that I just fall in love with on a weekly basis. Even though we can get crazy busy, there’s ample opportunity to slow down and be friendly, kind in your community relationships, and accepting of mistakes. There’s even room for laughter when your husband rolls up on his bicycle to help you out. We picked a really awesome spot on the map that fits just right.

And hey, as a super duper treat, I’ll leave you with the boys’ goofy dancing, complete with some burpees thrown in there by The Rev. This is the first-grader dance, as The Fish tells me, and he “doesn’t even know where the moves come from. They just take over sometimes.”

Sorry about the messy house. And you’re welcome.