It’s Todd Helton’s Birthday!!

Well. We think it’s his birthday, because we got him from the shelter. And I’m also talking Todd-Helton-The-Cat, not the real TH, because his birthday is in August.

It’s creepy that I know that.

Anyway. We celebrated with him before Holden went off to school this morning.

You can bet your sweet seafood that he was happy. In fact, I think that this was his best birthday ever.

This looks so gross.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, baby.

We also celebrated it being just plain ol’ Friday.

Donut Friday!!!!!

Hank used to bring the boys donuts each Friday after the Donut Friday Bike Ride, and we’ve carried on the tradition of at least the donut part. And at least on some Fridays.

Like two Fridays since June, I think. Banner.

These look like donut boobs.


Someone perked up. A lot. And begged.

I’m pretty sure that this is also how I look when I eat donuts.

Everyone has their own version of the donut face.

And you know… I love Ewan’s ability to read already.

He told me that this said, “Paleo donuts” and that they were yummy.

Gosh he’s brilliant. Brilliant!!