As I peered with sleepy eyes over my coffee this morning at the mayhem of four boys sporting huge smoothie mustaches and playing in their jammies in the living room, it hit me again. Oh man. How I love my village.

I woke up a bit grumpy, but couldn’t help the softness sinking in as one of my best girlfriends came over to watch those boys with me. It just melts me. I asked her, “I didn’t have this growing up, did you?” “Nope.” And then we smiled over peals of laughter coming from every direction.

But I have to say, all of that little boy energy nearly had us worn slick within two hours’ time and we packed diaper bags and backpacks and a stroller and squeezed the smallest one into a kid carrier on my back. Our first stop: more coffee. We were gonna need a lot.

We strolled a lot, shopped a bit, and then headed to the grocery store for some necessities to complete the fancy lunch menu (mac & cheese). We just talked louder to drown out the I’m-hungries and my-legs-hurt to make the time go faster. I think all in all, those little legs probably walked a couple of miles today. And Ewan took his morning nap in the Ergo, snuggled sweet against my chest. Every few minutes or so I’d plant a kiss on his head and drink in that yummy smell of Aveeno baby wash and sunscreen all mixed together.

By the time we had cleaned up from lunch and repacked our diaper bags and backpacks, it was time to head over to Breck to meet the Dads (it was single-track day for those two). Seriously, Tomi and I high-fived each other when we got into the car. I think my exact words were something like, “Holy crap, we made it.” (Ok, so my exact words were a lot more R-rated than that. A lot.) Four boys to two Moms is not fair. Not one bit.

But it didn’t matter. When we let them roam free and explore and slide and dip their toes heads in cold mountain water,

The mayhem and chaos and trying moments just melted away and left behind really, really happy boys.

And happiness is super contagious.