Our first day in Oklahoma came EARLY. After just a few short hours of sleep, the boys were up and ready to go. There are things to do and see at the Bingham compound unlike anywhere else, like kid-sized Jeeps, swings hanging from steel beams, motorcycle parts lying around, and very large and scary looking big brothers.

Man oh man. He was trying to look mean, and he more than succeeded. Scared me.

Holden, on the other hand, was determined to take Ewan for a ride in the Jeep. These kids were in boy Heaven. Well, Holden and Nick were, and Ewan was mostly, but maybe not right here.

I had to do a little search and rescue procedure here.

And for all of the rough and tumble and dirt and grease and sweat, my boys still have that soft side. Holden’s special pillow did not make it into the car for the trip, which after tears of realization warranted a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy supplies to make a new one very fast. And in addition to his, he decided that Ewan needed one as well.

The bolts of fleece fabric are, shall we say, kind of heavy. But not for Holden. He picked out the fabric with flames on it, and they give him super powers.

Ewan, of course, picked out the fabric with dogs on it and proudly yelled “DOG!” throughout the store, which made the worker bees giggle both to my face and behind my back as I made my way to the candy kiosk and sneaked a much needed Snickers bar into the basket. I didn’t mean to tell you that last part. But I really needed it. That Snickers bar and I did a happy dance together and then, well, then I ate it. And then I licked my fingers.

Yep, it was that good.

Just call me the Child Wrangler. Correction. The Snickers-eating Child Wrangler.

I have super powers, too.