Joyful, Squared. {children session}

I’ve read so many photographers’ blogs lately, and in each one they go on and on about how precious this or that family is, or how they loved this session so much, and so on. And I caught myself thinking, “That can’t be right. It can’t be every session. They’re just making stuff up.”

They’re not making stuff up.

There is a joy in each and every session. A joy that is unique to those specific little people, or big people, and so many times there just aren’t enough words for joy that are as unique as the person. I’ve felt it. I felt it on this chilly winter afternoon, just as soon as these two little pipsqueaks bounded out of their car, pulling on scarves and mittens and bouncing up and down faster than I could keep up.

I decided to race them down to the pile of leaves just waiting for them.

Girls 1

Oh good grief. They make me want to have more babies. But only if they’re girls. Sister secrets and sister bouncing. Just pure joy. Simple, yes?

Girls 6

They were little troopers. It really was quite chilly, so we just kept bouncing.

Girls 5

They stopped for about three nanoseconds and busted out some princess moves. I live in a house of light sabers; I haven’t had schooling in how a princess sits in quite some time. And by the way, I’m quite certain that smiles with new teeth coming in are just about one of my favorite things. Ever.

Girls 2

Girls 3

We were in an amazing spot in a small town. A spot filled up with history and stories from a long time ago. A spot that pretty much started what eventually became a town.

And I’m pretty sure that this spot really likes it when children come to play.

Girls 12

Girls 11

Remember the part about it being chilly? We had to hide them for a few minutes from a breeze or two.

Girls 10

It didn’t take long for them to warm up, so they decided to drive the tractors.

Girls 9

She was about as brave as could be. And proud. So proud.

Girls 7

Girls 8

And as a treat? Rock candy suckers. They turn you funny colors.

Girls 4

I’m going to say it. Without exaggeration, without any story-telling, without embellishment, this was one of my favorite sessions. Joy times joy.