So, for those of you doing CrossFit, you know about box jumping. This is one “activity” that gets in my head every time. As in, my max box jump is 21 3/4″. My five-year-old son beats me at box jumping.

Hank and Scott, however, do not have the fear of box jumping syndrome. In fact, they challenged each other to a competition: the max box jump.

Remember this post from a couple of weeks ago? Yeah. That did nothing to ease my fear of the box jump.

But did that deter either of these two guys who seem to share a brain? Um…no. Hank just simply “protected” it with this shin guard.

And then they started warming up. There seems to be some swirling and swishing and flapping during this warm up…

And then the squatting. There’s always squatting in CrossFit. It’s like they want to build up your power or explosiveness or something.

Next? Well. Next they started stacking boxes. Oh my stomach.

This is where they started. It’s about 32′ high. Riiiiiight. And yes, Hank is laughing, not puking. I would be puking. Well, maybe. No, I think would be crying. Hysterically. And then running far, far away.

Now, I want you to channel the Iron Chef guy for this. Ready? (You also have to do the back flip thing. But just you, because I can’t do that yet.)

Let the battle BEGIN!

Yeah. It was like no big deal. They don’t even look scared. Maybe if I learn to hold my thumbs out like Scott I might have a chance at this someday.

Or…maybe if I could just get my feet to land on the boxes instead of my hips shoving into them on accident and then flipping myself over and crashing, then I might have a chance…

But anyhoo, since they stacked as high as they could go comfortably but wanted to go higher still, they shoved plates under the stack of boxes to make them as high as they wanted for the final challenge. Who out there thinks that this is a good idea? Anyone?

And finally, Jason and Justin had to measure: 42 3/4″. Measure twice, cut shins once, I always say…

Somehow, this prompted Scott to jump like this, though. (I think I’ll send this picture to the people he works with. They have really big screens to show off pictures like this to thousands of people all at once.)

But then he regrouped for his final jump, and…

AND THEN WHAT DID THEY DO? Oh, just the little piddly Workout of the Day. Yeah, here’s where it gets gooooood. I think I shall blog about that next. Oh you should come back in a bit. I just gotta dig out those pics.