Got a lot of ketchup-I-mean-catch-up to do here with pictures!

Because although we’ve been trying to slow things down, we’ve also been packing in some fun things before the weather starts that dip into fall and beyond. Truly, we had no idea that the summer was like sand through our fingers (insert cheesy soap opera theme song here) and being sucked down into the vortex of time past. Good grief this summer went by quickly.

So how have we been tasting the last of summer break? Well. We’ve been lazing away some time on the back deck after afternoon naps, just trying to enjoy the last fading flowers and the patches of green grass that we have back there (that’s thanks to some ill-placed flower pots on my part over a couple of sprinkler heads. Woops.) (And ok, I can’t let Oscar the dog off the hook here. He helps cultivate some brown spots back like a champ.)


Ewan has discovered the water spray bottles. Might be just as much fun as the water fountain back there, if only he could figure out to put the top back on.


As a bonus, the boys and I have tagged along with Hank for some afternoon gym time. It’s like a little boy Heaven there, with stuff to color and boxes to climb,


And a EWAN-SIZED SKATEBOARD. This brings so much joy.



And after a rain delay, it was time to ketchup-I-mean-catch-up on the puddle running.


This is one of my favorite noises on Earth. When the air smells sweet and it’s all cooled off for a moment, everything is quiet and clean and calm. And then the sound…the giggles and splashes of kiddos going out there to see what’s different, what they can find, and which puddle can kick up the most amount of water.

Oh summer. I will miss you so in a few weeks. But the colder weather will bring back snow, and that has it’s own favorite noise…

And now it’s terrible segue time. I’ve noticed, in those rare times during which I break down and get myself a fancy coffee shop drink, that my children drink most of it.

Don’t freak out!!!!

It’s tea with vanilla milk. It’s OK. Well. It’ ok every once in a while. But yes, I am that mom who buys a drink for herself, and then the same fancy coffee shop drink for each of her children. It’s pathetic, I know, but I really prefer to have some myself without sharing and then having to drink the bottom which has lots of little unidentifiable floater things in it but then I get griped at by two short people with whom I shouldn’t have shared my drink anyway.

Plus, they get a mini doughnut and I don’t.

Oh I bet those are the floaters.


They get their own now. Problem solved.


(Oh and please notice the gash on Ewan’s forehead. Wassat from, you ask? Skateboarding incident from the afternoon at the gym. He’s a kamikaze. He roly-pollied head first off of it. Twice. In a row. And he’s a bleeder, people.)

And lest I forget my second-born hooligan…


And now back to Ewan, because it’s just plain funny that he’s that short right now.


I’m not sure how I’d reach my food if I could only get my eyes above the table. I’d probably look all crazy-eyed, too. But that might just be him making googly-eyes at the crumbs and frosting left behind by his doughnut.


Oh man. Then they turned all cute and cuddly and spread some brotherly love around.


And of course, after they had bellies filled with sugary things, I poked them back into the car to go drive around, running some errands to see if I could make them carsick.

Good think Ewan thought ahead to bring his goggles.