His 9th birthday. :)

Riding the wave of his love for the game, we had a bit of a Rockies theme.


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But the big gift was an even bigger surprise.

An awesome friend arranged for us to be able to go to batting practice before the Rockies game. And not just batting practice, but a tour.

Helton’s last game memorabilia. Um…I totally got teary here, then thought I might embarrass the family so I hid behind Hank’s camera for a while, taking pics.

0604 rockies-001


The post-game press room. Eli was trying very hard to NOT SMILE. Fail. ;)

0604 rockies-002

The All Stars’ wall. This particular name was there a few times.




0604 rockies-003 0604 rockies-005

Coming out onto the warning track.
2014-07-01_0002 0604 rockies-020 0604 rockies-010


Blackmon and Cuddyer.

0604 rockies-006

Spilly, chatting up the ladies.

0604 rockies-007


Tulo. Jeezopete. In the presence of pure awesome.

0604 rockies-014


Jeff Huson, one of the analysts for the Rox.

0604 rockies-019


Morneau, the new 1st-baseman, and CarGo.

0604 rockies-030


And then it happened. He walked on the field, stopping to chat about his broken finger, which is, btw, the SAME FINGER Holden broke earlier this year. Therefore, to Holden’s thinking, they are the same. He is Holden’s favorite, and Holden is cursed with my same inability to speak in the presence of those who are great.

Nolan Arenado.

0604 rockies-022


I told Holden to try to get his attention, but he melted into the ground. So I gave Ewan the signal, and he called him over. Sometimes, you just need your little brother to have your back.

Without the younger brother, we wouldn’t have had THIS.

0604 rockies-023


BOOYAH! Home run.

That’ll put ‘er in the books, boys.

0604 rockies-034 0604 rockies-037 0604 rockies-038 0604 rockies-040 0604 rockies-042 0604 rockies-044 0604 rockies-051


Unbelievably thankful for our good friend who made this happen. You know who you are, and you know how incredible awesome this was for our boy.

From the bottom of our hearts, bro.