Kristin + Jordan. {family session}

You know those friends that you have who seem to have always been a part of your life?

Me too.

Kristin and Jordan came back our way for a visit a few weeks ago and we picked up where we left off about three years prior, when they moved back east to be nearer family. After our ninja moves against some feisty mosquitos, we took in some of that lovely Colorado air and strolled along a trail sidled up next to a babbling creek for an awesome evening photo session and some contagious laughing.

It was just like old times.


20110721 Coles 2


Jordan is the only person in the world to make our home’s nine-foot front door look normal height. (Sorry man. You’ll never live that fact down.)


20110721 Coles 17


You might not ever live this moment down, either. Muy caliente, my friends. Wowza.

20110721 Coles 7


Together |   forever

Married |  three years

Homeplace |  New Hampshire

Occupations |  He’s into electricity (um, obviously; check out that pic!), she works with children

The only awful thing about them |  They named their poor dog “Manny”, after some baseball player