So…a couple of these pics look like technical garbage, but even with poor lighting and my feeble attempts at trying to use the fancy flash and getting a little bit better but still nowhere near where I need to be…i still love these first couple of pictures.

(I’ve been told I need something like Pocket Wizards or something, but honestly, with as little as I would ever use off-camera flash, I don’t see a huge investment there being very smart. Thoughts?)

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They couldn’t wait to put their stockings up on the banister.

Mary Pantier Photography  1366 of 1

It’s really quite sad that the DVD fireplace does not come with a mantel.


Last year, the little guy ate the round eyeballs off of Frosty; now he has has mismatched flat black button eyeballs. But I’m sure that hat is magic.

Every time the boys see holiday lights right now, there are squeals and giggles and the occasional chirp of, “Kwissmas!” So when Hank performed the time-honored task of wrapping branches in lights, I thought the roof was gonna blow off.


20111206 1206 Decorate the tree 64

The boys and I had picked up some shatterproof red, gold, and red and gold ornaments a couple of weeks ago, just in case.

20111207 1207 50mm 12

We’re so glad that we did. After we had decorated our tree in all of its glory, we pulled out the small glass ornaments from last year to fill in some spots, and the first five ornaments that the boys tried to hang…well…um…they shattered.

Shards of slivery glass everywhere. Including the soles of my feet.

We put the ones that survived away. Quickly.

20111206 1206 Decorate the tree 41

20111206 1206 Decorate the tree 43

20111206 1206 Decorate the tree 52

20111206 1206 Decorate the tree 46

I love our tall, skinny tree with the huge gap in the middle.

20111206 1206 Decorate the tree 49

Like pretty much else that we invite into our home and call our own, we think it’s perfect.

Someone else feels right at home under our tree, too.

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