I stood and watched as my kitchen crumbled and fell apart the other night. I had mentioned a certain website to our friends who were in town visiting, and everything just went downhill from there.

20110227 laughinggiveo 7

As soon as I said, “I was laughing so hard that [our 5yo] asked me if I was alright” they pulled up the site.

20110227 laughinggiveo 3

And then they started reading.

And crying.

And it’s just about the coolest darn thing ever, to see people fall apart like that.

20110227 laughinggiveo 2

Have you ever really watched someone start to laugh?

Everything changes. Their body language, their eyes, their skin, where they are in space in relation to you. They start to touch more, clap, cry; their eyes light up and they might even drool a little (I would NOT know this from experience). They move closer together.

20110227 laughinggiveo 1

And then they eat cupcakes.

20110227 laughinggiveo 4

The third batch of cupcakes that you’ve made, because they got really super hungry from all of that laughing.

20110227 laughinggiveo 5