a little wrap up.

There are some very exciting things in store for us in the last half of this year, and with the closing of a few chapters in our family life has come a lot of reflection over the first half of the year. A full circle, if you will, and something that will be at the forefront of this blog soon; but for now, a little wrap up seems like fun.

I’ve been extremely blessed with a few very good relationships with some key people in my life over the last lotta years (as in – almost TWO DECADES!). Recently, those relationships have opened up a few collaborations that have taken me physically and/or virtually as far south as coastal Texas, upward and over to Seattle, a little dabble with a friend in LA, back near our roots in Oklahoma, and lots across the state of Colorado. Let’s take a look at some highlights.

Launch Advertising | Springwoods Village, Houston TX

2014 Launch SV-024

2014 Launch SV-055 2014 Launch_2-014 2014 Launch_2-065 2014 Launch_2-070 2014 Launch_2-071 2014 Launch_2-080 2014 Launch_2-143 2014 Launch_2-163 2014 Launch_2-171 2014 Launch_Bread_Bandaids-023 2014 Launch_Bread_Bandaids-024 2014 Launch_Bread_Bandaids-036

1010 Launch_Feet-007-Edit

2014 Launch_slick-003

GSI Outdoors, Inc | Seattle WA

0604 donuts-014 0522 gsi enamelware-003 0512 gsi-018 0501 GSI-020 0501 GSI-005 0428 gsi-007 0428 gsi-005 0428 gsi-004-Edit 0318 gsi-002-Edit 0318 gsi-004 0318 gsi-005 0419 gsi pints-033-Edit 0419 GSI table-021

GSI Outdoors, Inc | Collaboration with tcubed events, LA CA (photo & styling by Tehra Thorp, owner, t3)


Aspen Coffee Company | Stillwater OK

0315 ok5-072 0315 ok5-061 0315 ok5-059 0315 ok5-057 0315 ok5-056 0315 ok5-055 0315 ok5-052 0315 ok5-051

District Bicycles, LandRun 100 | Stillwater OK

0314 ok3-002 0314 ok3-345 0314 ok3-178 0314 ok3-092 0314 ok3-418 0314 ok4-131 0314 ok4-069 0314 ok4-053 0314 ok4-059 0314 ok4-051 0314 ok4-037 0314 ok4-025 0314 ok3-403 0314 ok3-372 0314 ok3-401 0315 ok5-027

OSO Barbell Collars | Frederick CO

1231 oso clamps-013 1208 Operose-004 1211 clamps-006

Ashley Pruett | Party planning, CO

C0417_1 Ash;ey Pruett-057-Edit C0417_1 Ash;ey Pruett-041-Edit C0410_2 Ashley Pruett-065-Edit C0410_2 Ashley Pruett-036

0603 Ashley-0350603 Ashley-0560603 Ashley-0610603 Ashley-0810603 Ashley-0870603 Ashley-118-EditSmartWool | Steamboat Springs CO

0128 smartwool-011 0128 smartwool-010 0128 smartwool-003


It’s been an incredible year so far. Stay tuned for more outdoor camping and cooking, fun ways to hang around in your socks, and some groovy yoga things.