I came downstairs this morning, all sleepy-eyed and carrying a squirming Ewan, to this. The homemade smiley-face cup AND French toast with strawberries?? Man, oh man, is this going to be a good Saturday or what!

It brought immediate flapping hands to the mouth on Ewan’s part, who was quickly signing “EAT!” and Holden jumping up and down begging for syrup that wasn’t maple. That was fine by me, since we grown-ups prefer to save the good stuff selfishly for ourselves. And we have friends in Vermont who send us the very best care package every Christmas full of Vermont cheese, chocolates, and…real maple syrup. It’s just pure Heaven, it is. In the words of The Pioneer Woman, I should just say goodbye forever after a breakfast like this.

And then the fruit of our loins dug in.

It was mayhem. Like bananas in your hair kind of mayhem.

And toe-gripping deliciousness.

At which point, Hank had no idea what to do or think.

So he fed Ewan his third piece of French toast.

And that is all. Have a great day.