look what you did.

Twelve bags and two boxes of clothes.
Eighteen books.
A box of food.
A jumparoo.
Dozens of toys, both gently used and brand new.
Several new games.

Snow jackets.
Snow boots.
Lots of other stuff to keep a growing family loved.

1222 misc-012

$350+ in gift cards.

And one big, fat, shout-from-the-mountaintops MERRY CHRISTMAS JESUS LOVES YOU to a family that none of us knows.

All in eight hours.

You donated from Broomfield, Erie, Boulder, and even long distance PayPal donations from Oklahoma.

1222 misc-010

There were two stories of “We didn’t have very much once, and now we can give because others helped us get on our feet.” I stood in one person’s closet with her as she opened up bins of baby clothes and just dumped them into a bag for this family. Two kiddos in the neighborhood rode up on their bikes with beaming smiles and a couple of bags of clothes. I met another woman (for the first time!) in a parking lot who pulled two additional bags out of her car to say, “I asked my neighbor if she had anything and she showed up with two huge bags of brand new gifts for each person in their family.”


People are so awesome. Thank you. We might never know what this means to this family, but I know how much you all mean to me and I LOVE YOU!!!

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