Lord have mercy. Please?

There has never been a day when
I have not been proud of you,
but some days I’m louder about

other stuff so it’s easy to miss that.

– Quiet Pride, by Brian Andreas.

The last few days have locked us all inside (bitter cold and lotta wind outside), and unfortunately we looked like this…

0410-001 0410-003 0410-004 0410-005 0410-006 0410-007-Edit0410-008-Edit 0410-010-Edit 0410-015

Until the little one escaped outside to test the chill.


He had put clothes on by then, so nothing was bitten by frost.

After the kids were back (again) in school, life still maintained its schedule, like PT visits for me and other things.

0410-018 0410-019

He does a fine job of amusing himself while I get the HOLY MOTHER squished out of me at the PT’s office. It’s always awesome – after it’s over.








So here’s the truth.

Sometimes, AND TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE SOMETIMES, I need these super fun pictures to remind me of the good stuff…because instead I could have lamented about the fact that my 4yo pocketed some beads from preschool today and finally confessed this THIRD OFFENSE, but only after he had brought the hammer down upon himself for hiding in the pantry and cutting all of the bristles off of the paintbrushes, coloring on our metal barstools and a bathroom door and a toilet, cutting my shoelaces in half, and sneaking into the candy after I had said no. And then he lied about it very close to my face with breath that smelled suspiciously like grape jelly beans.

So yeah. Today I was louder about other stuff than the being proud part. Because I wasn’t.

And I still love him more than ever. Dammit.