It’s been a while since I wrote a popper update so there is a bunch of random stuff in this post. First off go over and check out the photos section and look at Mary’s pet project. She’s truly done an amazing job making an asset out of this spring’s eyesore. All ~500 square feet of the back bed are almost full with stuff!

Nick Playing Soccer Saturday morning we went to watch Nick play soccer. It was a really good game that ended in a tie – both teams played their hearts out, and Nick really seemed to hit his stride. He’s starting to get used to this new team. I apologize for the quality of the photo, maybe a bigger lens is in order – since Nick is kind of small in the picture, I went ahead and circled him.

Holden Sports His Rockies Hat Holden love soccer games and for the most part actually sits there and watches, claps, and yells, “Go Nick!”, and “Kick the ball.” When sitting still gets to be too much, kicking his ball and running around provides ample entertainment.

The video at the end is of Holden throwing the Frisbee (frissie) – we’re not sure where he gets it, but he can throw almost anything pretty accurately. It’s amazing.