Lotta sap here, and lotta pictures.

Since I very sadly missed the two previous parties in Holden’s classroom, we prepared for this one mightily. Check out our healthy snacks: fire-ants-on-a-log and Christmas trees (the trees treat was shamelessly stolen from here).

Holiday party 4098.jpg

Holiday party 4099.jpg

The small fry was in tow with me, and might I add…um…he digs a buffet. Notice the cheeks? They’re full of stuff.


Before the buffet was officially open for business, however, there was a gathering and focusing of energy and effort and crafting.

And by the way, how beautiful is the teacher?

Holiday party 4100.jpg

Holiday party 4101.jpg

Holiday party 4102.jpg

There were snowflakes to be glittered,

kids 4.jpg

Candy cane reindeer waiting to receive their new googly eyes and pipe cleaner antlers,

joyful reindeer.jpg

Poinsettia plates to be glued and gingerbread houses to be candied.

kids 1.jpg


Holiday party 4104.jpg

april and oliver.jpg

I was a little snap happy with the camera, finding it impossible to resist these sweet little faces.

A and D.jpg

Holiday party 4109.jpg

They were swarming me, I swear.

Holiday party 4103.jpg

Holiday party 4111.jpg

kids 6.jpg

beautiful boy.jpg

kids 7.jpg

And somewhere in the flurry and flying glitter and bouncing and whatnot,

kids 8.jpg

There was a pause for a couple of well rehearsed songs.

kids 5.jpg

holden sings.jpg

kids 9.jpg

Holiday party 4105.jpg

Holiday party 4106.jpg

Holiday party 4108.jpg

It was joyful, I tell you.

And finally, little tummies were filled with treats and sweets,

kids 2.jpg

And I knew it was time to scoop up the Terror when I found him tucked up into the pillows in the reading corner.

ewan 2.jpg

He was asleep before we pulled into our own driveway, all of ten minutes away. We partied it up, K-style, and it kicked us to the crib.

Be happy and well and rested out there. And Happy Holidays to you.