Luck o’ the Irish. {newborn session}

I honestly don’t know which I enjoy more: photographing babies or editing the pictures afterward. Those little fingers and toes and button noses that I get to revisit in great detail and stare at for too many hours.

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The comb-over hair.

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It makes me think about my own babies and how they’ve grown. How I wouldn’t change one minute of where we are in life, but at the same time would really love to travel back in time, to certain days, and snap some photos of them like this.

20110430 Laura Droy K1008 19

Those little feet that curl around and legs and arms that spaz out for a few weeks. It just doesn’t get any sweeter.

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Unless they’re busting out the beginnings of new smiles…

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Or until they look they’re singing.

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Love that, too.

And the Hi-Ya! move. Yep, I’m coining it. They’re like little ninjas at this age.

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Or cute little Irishmen, in his case.

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He and big sis,

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Very nearly had the same lucky birthday: St. Patty’s Day. How fun would that be, to have your birthday on a day celebrated the world over? At least in any world I’d like to live in.

And certainly as a Shamrock, one must check one’s wand to make sure of its magic. Hope she turns something nearby into a pot of gold.

20110430 Laura Droy K1008 38

I think she found a better treasure than that in baby brother.

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Is there anything better than the luck o’ the Irish?

20110430 Laura Droy K1008 113

Yep. Nose kisses.

20110430 Laura Droy K1008 119

Oh gracious. That one tickles my funny bone. Sometimes love might squish a bit.

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