Meadow + Corey = C. {family session}

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.

:Jean Houston:

How lovely it is to meet in person someone you’ve been getting to know virtually. Especially when you do finally see each other, you find that that someone is exactly who you had hoped for.

20111022 Nook Final 14

Meadow and I had actually met in passing a few years ago, when I was visiting a good friend of mine at her office. Since then, Meadow and Corey have welcomed Mr. C, and gosh talk about melt. How incredibly beautiful is he?!

20111022 Nook Final 5

I could kiss and then pinch and then kiss those cheeks over and over.

Nook Collage

As my Midwestern family still says in exclamation: mercy buckets! (That phrase has always made me giggle.)

They drove about an hour to meet for their shoot, and when Corey questioned the distance, Meadow said, “Just trust me.” I’m not sure who fell in love with our Boulder County spot faster: Meadow or Corey.

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It reminded them of growing up, of being free. It gave them some time to give their son a little taste of that delight that they had in their childhoods of disappearing into the breeze and tall grass and hiding in between trees.

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One of my all-time favorite series of photos. Momma, like a lion, waiting to pounce on her baby. So funny and so precious all at once!

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And Corey, waiting to do the same to Meadow while the little man hid again. Hubba hubba.


Gosh he’ll gobble your heart right up. Mercy buckets.


20111022 Nook Final 19

It took a while, but we finally pried him away from hunting spiders and roly polies and over to the working farm. Again, not sure which of them fell head over heels first.

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What is it about being able to climb a fence and breathe in that dusty fragrance of horses and cows? I felt it, too, a beckoning to give way to a little wildness and run with the wind.

We just stood there and watched the sun go down together, talking about it probably being time to leave, but no one really wanting to.

The kaleidoscope of possibilities, my friends…

Meadow + Corey

How they met |  eHarmony (another successful online meeting!)

Where they grew up |  North Carolina & Iowa, respectively

What I LOVED |  C’s laugh. Infectious, snort-worthy, and completely in the category of “pure awesomeness”

My favorite part |  Talking with Meadow about our friend in common, and watching her eyes well up with love for her. You know that you’ve met another piece of your soul out there when you feel that same good stuff about your mutual people.

My other favorite part |  My huge hug and kiss from C before we parted ways.

Gosh I’m pathetic. Ha.

You guys need to move north!