I mentioned in this post that we’re using bug spray after we shower at night since we don’t have screens on our windows. Since we’ll replace almost all of our windows in the upcoming renovation (most of them will be moving), we didn’t see a need to purchase screens. Our contractor’s crew is starting demolition on Monday, so it’s kind of a moot point anyway. Our house doesn’t have air conditioning, which is quite fine by us, and we’ve elected to install a swamp cooler instead of A/C during the reno, so we’ll get new screens then for any windows that stay.

All of this means that we have the windows open throughout the house all day and we keep them open in our bedrooms at night. (Yes, the ceiling IS pink. Not to worry…this room is turning into a bathroom, sans pink ceiling.)

0722 yl-010

We have ceiling fans in most rooms to stir the air and keep the mosquitos and flies at bay. In the room where Hank and I are sleeping, however, there isn’t a ceiling fan. We have an oscillating fan, which is helping, but it’s been a little tough to keep the mosquitos off of us while we sleep. I did a little research online for non-toxic mosquito repellent and came across some options that use essential oils. I started using oils a few months ago and luckily had on hand what I needed for one of the the options.

0722 yl-012


0722 yl-013


I decided to diffuse the oil in our bedroom at night the second night after we moved in. It helped A TON with mosquitos, but the smell (lemony and a little strong) kept me awake. Last night, our third night here, I thought I’d try diffusing the oil a couple of hours before we went to bed and then turn it off while we slept, and that worked great.

Today, I’m diffusing it in the kitchen to help with flies. I’ve been pretty impressed with how well it’s working. I plan to order a couple of other oils to combine with witch hazel and distilled water to spray on our skin at night as a repellent while we sleep. It has to be better that the regular stuff, right? Do you guys make your own repellent?