Mr. Labean has a twin.

I am slowly dipping my toes back into the waters of Grace. It’s that inviting lake that is always there, yet here I stand on its beach, waging my wars in the storms of life. But I am starting to see the effects of Grace in my life, like the sweet beckon of an invitation, calling me back into the water that is just right and where I can float just so. 

It’s utterly breathtaking, but in a good way.

I’m really excited to notice the hand of God at work. I get these insane little nudges of, “I love you like crazy” and “I really am here.”

Never thought I’d say that again. Still trying it on. 

It’s brought me into a more aware place of listening. I’ve been just half-listening lately; probably more honest to say would be quarter-listening. I hear myself say, “Ok,” to something that the boys have said and then freak out because I’m not quite sure what I’ve just agreed to. What a swift kick in the can that is. 

What I have fully listened to, however, is one sweet request from our 3yo. He loves Adam Labean, aka Adam Levine, and begged for a rockstar haircut. 

I totally obliged.

20120426 ehaircut 1

20120426 ehaircut 2

We had just a small wait, just enough to test out all of the chairs and talk about a short Adam Labean haircut or the slightly longer-on-top version.

20120426 ehaircut 3

And also time to singlehandedly build up enough electricity on those jazzy track pants to collect all of the spare hair previously trapped on the carpet. 

Yes you can say, “Ew, Gross.”

I did.


After incessant questions of, “Is it my turn?!” in a too-loud whisper, it finally was.

20120426 ehaircut 8

He was scooped into a chair and draped with a couple of capes.

20120426 ehaircut 9

And then he was all business.

20120426 ehaircut 10

20120426 ehaircut 11

20120426 ehaircut 12

We finally coaxed some of the personality back out.

20120426 ehaircut 13

And then he just turned on the goofy. 

20120426 ehaircut 14

20120426 ehaircut 15

The big finale, other than a nice slather of pomade and a well-timed flirt from the girl cutting his hair, was a strawberry shortcake flavored sucker. Scored huge.

20120426 ehaircut 16

20120426 ehaircut 17

Adam Labean, eat your heart out.


xo. xo.