This morning I taught a postnatal yoga class. I had no idea how much joy this would bring, but I’m beginning to. All of the mommas pile up in the hallway, waiting their turns to push those heavy strollers in and get set up for class. This morning, I was one of them with my stroller full of snacks, water bottles, a notebook, diaper bag, and a Ewan.

We prepared for the trip early. Holden pulled out his scooter, I packed the stroller, and off we went down the sidewalk on our way to the rec center. It wasn’t long before Holden and I turned around to find Todd Helton following us. Oh I SO WISH it was THAT Todd Helton, but it was this one instead. Our cat.

He just kept following us. And every time we turned around, he would lay down flat in the grass – like we couldn’t see him. Holden and I shooed him and clapped at him; we couldn’t shake him! I finally had to pick him up and run back to the house with him so that he wouldn’t follow us the whole way.

I know it was a “be there” moment, but Holden thought it was pretty funny. And it was.

But it made us LATE!

I skated in right under the wire and had no choice but to teach the yoga class with Ewan on my hip. This didn’t last long, however, because he was ready to be freed. Looking for any way to keep him civil, I opened an empty cabinet, gave him my keys and shoved him in.

Oh relax. He could get out (and he did. And back in. And back out. And … you get my drift). It kept him occupied and me present with all of those mommas and their babies. And the mommas relaxed knowing that they weren’t the only jugglers in class, or life for that matter. Especially when Holden burst into the room yelling something about needing a Power Ranger costume for his friend. That’s another story. Just know that your yoga practice completely changes when you have littles running around.

And on the walk home, my heart flipped over. Holden was chattering away and going faster than me so I couldn’t really hear him, but he knew I was there. Ewan kept flipping around his stroller for more snacks and flirting with me through the visor and then rolling with giggles. It was perfectly sunny, perfectly calm, and perfectly lovely. I felt like I was on a roller coaster of love (the RHCP have nothing on me, man).

And a few hours later, more flipping. Holden graduated. I thought I was a rock. I thought I was fine.

I was not fine.

I was a crybaby.

But he was a rock. Check it. He’s so ready.

Hank REALLY  had to keep the Terror occupied with lots of high-fives. He was a little grouchy from being awakened too early from his much needed nap.

Ewan’s sportin’ a new ‘do. This is what happens around here if you don’t stay still enough for the haircut with scissors. It’s also what happens around here when summer rolls around…

Then…Holden was announced. I’m surprised these pictures were in focus at all, because my eyes were very blurry.

He received his very own peace flower.

And while  I’m not quite sure, I think he was rather proud of himself. Don’t you?

It was about this time that Ewan snatched up those Mickey Mouse sunglasses,

And all of the peace flowers started waving gently in the breeze.

Ms. Cindy and Mr. John David gathered in the kids for a song about making new friends and keeping old ones (I think I might have been sobbing loudly at this point),

And while Holden mumbled his way through the words,

His friend Andrew belted them out like the pro that he is.

There was a presentation to the sisters, Ms. Kerry and Ms. Kelly, which made them laugh,

And cry.

And then, it was time to go. Forever.

Well. Until it’s Ewan’s turn.

If you need me, I’ll be crying in my room.