A few weeks ago, my friend and fellow photographer, Kim Jones, introduced me to a new spot. This “spot” is one of those that I swear is a tiny slice of what Heaven must be, and it’s placed not far from here. And since the time that she took the boys and me there, I’ve been back three times to take pictures of other families. The light is perfect, the views are breathtaking, and it’s full of tall grasses and bugs and an occasional dog here and there. When you visit her website, the tree in her site header is there.

Breathtaking, I tell you.

And perfect for shots like these.



KJP 3006.jpg

KJP 3018.jpg

KJP 3012.jpg

KJP 3017.jpg

puzzle 2.jpg

puzzle 3.jpg

KJP 3024.jpg


Thank you Kim! We love you!