My Thpethul Day.

Favorite things about today:

1. Brunch at The Pinyon. Holy schmoley good. Bhatki Chai French Toast encrusted with carmelized Corn Flakes for the boys, Steak & Eggs and Lemon Ricotta Pancakes for the hubs and me. Like I said…holy schmoley good.

2. Fall Festival on Pearl Street in Boulder. We had no idea that we’d be coming home with two balloon swords, a blow-up mace, a blow-up sword, two bottles of water and some tired, tired boys. Oh. And Hank did the strong man hit-the-mallet-ring-the-bell thing and kind of splintered a part of the base of it. Supah cool. And a whole lot of sexy, I might add. Hubba hubba.

3. My nap. Totally fell asleep outside on the pallet couch, snuggled up with a body pillow, a new book, my iPhone, and the dog. Woke up groggy and drooly and a bit hungry, plus the imprint of my iPhone on my left check.

4. Full on paleo dinner + the most delicious paleo chocolate cake known to man.

20110925 0925 Birthday 2

This is everyone at our small dinner party this evening: the one who kept reminding me that it was my “thpethul day”.

20110925 0925 Birthday 8

And the goofy one who said he didn’t want the cake because it tasted like coffee but still managed to choke down every crumb. Ohmaword.


My chef of the evening. Well done, babe. It was fantastically delicious.

20110925 0925 Birthday 9

And then the family member who kept trying to sneak under the table for anything at all.

20110925 0925 Birthday 10

Woops. Let me not forget the brown puppy, the small fry’s “favorite aminal.”

20110925 0925 Birthday 11

Our entertainment was this: the constant stealing of the birthday candle in order to stick it in his own piece of cake, have it lit, and blow it out again over and over…


20110925 0925 Birthday 26

20110925 0925 Birthday 7

20110925 0925 Birthday 29

20110925 0925 Birthday 49

A little bit of stinkeye thrown in for good measure…

20110925 0925 Birthday 39

And a soon-to-be-released video serenade from the eMan.

20110925 0925 Birthday 48

Check back tamale for more on that.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! It truly is a blessing to hear a phone chiming throughout the day because you guys left sweet messages on my Facebook page. I feel very thpethul, indeed.

Big love to you!