Naughty? Or Nice?

Ah, Christmas Eve, our last evening of total and complete torture of our children.

Ozzy’s last mission was to hover, perched on his “zip line” right through the middle of our living room…

20111224 1225 CE 2

Todd-Helton-The-Cat was eyes-on-the-ground.

20111224 1225 CE 15

And the Ellie-Dawg was just kind of freaked out. And blurry.

20111224 1224 Christmas Eve 1

There was a homemade red velvet cake to bake, which the 6yo renamed Blood Cake. Blech.

Mary Pantier Photography  1486 of 1

I think that Hank was blessing it OR doing the sign of cross OR making it a knight.

Mmm. Blood Cake batter.

Blechity blech.

Mary Pantier Photography  1485 of 1

We had an awesomely delicious family dinner with our friends, complete with Mater teeth.

Mary Pantier Photography  1487 of 1

And finally, finally, the 6yo’s video message from Santa via email finally arrived. Everyone waited on bated breath for the big news…

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Mary Pantier Photography  1497 of 1

Was he on the Naughty List?

Or the Nice List?

20111224 untitled 1

Whew. Nice List.

I could hear his heart pounding from where I was sitting.

I love Christmastime.

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Christmas Eve turned into a little bit of mayhem.

Mary Pantier Photography  1488 of 1

Ok. Maybe a lot of mayhem.

Mary Pantier Photography  1491 of 1

But a Merry one, all the same.

Mary Pantier Photography  1492 of 1

I hope that you were on the list that you wanted to be on.

And then I hope you got what was appropriate for the list you were on.

Wink wink.