Never give up on an orchid.

Swear. Don’t ever. Because that point in time when you realize that you’ve put it in the obscure bathroom window to pass on to another life because it stopped blooming weeks before, and you pull it down to stick it in the trash, the darn thing is going to have two, nice, fat buds on its spindly self. I don’t have a picture for you, so you’ll have to take my word for it, but seriously.

Never give up on an orchid.

There are other things that I have realized to never give up on. Some things, those “other” things, have just needed some regeneration time. Some private time to grow, perhaps.

Like my husband and some of his personal growing stuff.

0107 Misc-052

My 7yo and his building stuff.

0103 Winter Break-173-Edit

My 3yo and his silly singing stuff.

0110 agnes-001

The “my house is a terrible mine field of traps” stuff. I’ll never give up on that.

0107 Misc-045 0107 Misc-046 0107 Misc-047 0107 Misc-050

My 7o never giving up on reading, even though sometimes it’s hard to stay focused.

0107 Misc-053 0107 Misc-054

And Todd Helton the Cat, never giving up on forging a new friendship. Hello sweet Agnes. You are hard to photograph, but I will learn your ways.

0110 agnes-007 0110 agnes-003 0110 agnes-002 0110 agnes-017

I’ve made some New Year’s Resolutions. Have you? I’m only doing a few each month, to feel a sense of accomplishment throughout the year.

In family stuff: read to the boys every night.

In marriage stuff: be a really good friend.

In personal stuff: knock PT down to once a week and do my stuff at the gym, 3x/week.

In work stuff: introduce The Beloved Sessions.

So far, this never giving up thing is really rad. Remember how to eat an elephant?

That’s right.

One bite at a time. ;)