I love the change of seasons. Every time a new one begins, I think, “This one’s my favorite.” That being said, Spring is my favorite.

Here’s why.

I know stuff has been hiding. Growing. Preparing. Waiting patiently. I love that when everything outside looks brown and dry and, well, dead, that’s when things are getting busy below ground. When that first shoot of a tulip pushes through the dirt…I know. I know that warmer days are right around the corner, and with them, lazy evenings on the back deck watching boys play in the grass and get an occasional whack in the face by the overzealous tail of our yellow lab.

Layering suncreen and bugspray.

The smell of grilled food throughout our neighborhood on any given night, and kids yelling over fences to each other.

A million of those same kids running through our open front door to grab more toys to take outside.

Skinned knees and bruised elbows.

And the smell of sweaty children (yes, I really do love this. So far.).

I really, truly, honestly cherish Spring. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go dig out my summer clothes.

Oh dangit. It just snowed. *sigh* Colorado…