It’s finished. Well. At least this portion of the bottom part of Hank’s arm is finished.

20110323 finishedtattoo 18

And this is secondhand information, of course, since I was not the one undergoing the needle(s) here, but Chris Fuller of Junkyard Ink has an incredibly light touch. In fact, Hank almost fell asleep during his tattoo yesterday.

Who does that?!

It has a lot to with Chris as an artist, but also with the equipment he’s chosen.

And just to get a a truer picture of the artist that Chris is, this is the picture Hank took in.

IMG 9652

20110323 finishedtattoo 20

Just amazing.

And yes, there’s more to come, because yes, there’s more of Hank to draw on. Look for part 3,498 coming in the next few weeks.