I stepped on this little minion from Hell today and thought I might have to peel myself off of the ceiling.

Jeez. It doesn’t even look innocent.

And in mid-thought of really bad words, I looked over to see these hanging off of my bed.

He was fully engrossed. He was channeling a dragon.

And he couldn’t wait to explain how he was able to breathe fire and singe the bad guys.

And then I looked out the bedroom door and saw this pile of lazy bones.

Seems as though everyone got the Lazy Days of Summer Memo sans moi.

I shall make up for it on Sunday with a nice nap and a cookie.

And hey. We really know how to spend a Friday night around here. After dinner we piled onto bikes and headed out and about the ‘hood for ride with a purpose.

The park.

And the liquor store.

Yep, after the week we’ve had, it was either going to be a chocolate cake or a beer. It was Hank’s turn to choose, and he was a happy camper to be able to use his new vintage cruiser bike with its newly installed back rack and bungee cord for its intended purpose: beer carrier.

In fact, he was so happy that he schooled us all at the park on the way home and made Holden push him on the tire swing. Bonus that his wallet fell out and we got to steal his cashola.

The boys, though, took on the fun challenge wholeheartedly.

At one point, I looked down to see Ewan furiously signing, “Help!” while Holden went down the slide the head first and backwards way.

And then…the tackle.

And another tackle.

Oh, the signs of things to come. But for tonight, these were calling.

So off we went.

But not before I saw these lovelies.

Have I mentioned how I love summer?