Oh gosh. My cheeks hurt from laughing. In the words of Ewan, “Thee!” and “Watchis!”

This New Year’s Eve, our friends from Oklahoma are here to help ring in the New Year. To wile away some daylight, we caravanned the children via sled down to the park v. going to ski in 4-degree weather. Brrr and brrr.

Snow clothes always require lots of adjusting, don’t you think?


We arrived to survey our new territory. Stuff to pillage and destroy, conquer and maim.

sledding 4147.jpg

First man in? Tyler. Go baby.

sledding 4148.jpg


We decided to just throw Ewan in with Holden, thinking it would end in mayhem and a pile of kids down at the bottom of the hill. Keep in mind, Ewan is not yet yet two years old…

sledding 4149.jpg

I think he liked it.

sledding x3.jpg

A lot.

big crash.jpg

So did Holden.

And so did Hank and I.

sledding 4152.jpg

And Brad and Katie.

sledding 4142.jpg

And the big boys.

boys sledding.jpg

And the really big boys.

sledding 4154.jpg

They were going ludicrous speed.

sledding 4155.jpg

Even Ellie liked it.

Actually, Ellie especially liked it. She liked catching snowballs in particular.


This six-year-old accidentally got stuck to the back of Hank’s sled for a run.

sledding 4153.jpg

But turns out, he was fine. He’s a “I do my own stunts” kind of guy.

sledding 4151.jpg

Remember this one? He’s a “No Fear” kind of guy. Yikes.

sledding 4150.jpg

Crikey it was a fun day.

4 pics.jpg

hank and ewan.jpg

holden and ewan.jpg

Apologies for a sparsely worded post, but signing off, now. Time to give someone a kiss for the Happy New Year.

hank and mary.jpg