This morning I walked into Ewan’s room to find a very happy, very smiley baby. He even had to flip around and flirt with me through the slats of his crib playing, “Where’s Ewan?” before he’d raise up those little chubby arms for a lift outta there.

These kind of mornings are the best. Ever.

After he nodded his head ferociously up and down when I asked him if he’d like some oatmeal for breakfast, he gobbled it up like a champ and I wrestled him out of his jammies and into some going-to-the-park clothes. We packed a ball, a water bottle, a book (yeah right), him, of course the camera, and off we went to our neighborhood park.

You should have seen the finger pointing and heard the chatter when he saw the swings. Lord have mercy.

We’ve never snuck away, just the two of us like that, without Holden. It was quite a treat to have some one-on-one time with the little Terror.

And even without walking (still prefers to crawl; faster that way), that little man showed me how to navigate the sand, the play structure, and of course, the slide.

After an assist to the top, he bailed right down that slide with no fear registering on his radar whatsoever. The higher the better for this one, as long as he can belly flop.

I think that these little high tops are perhaps the cutest things ever. Well, next to the feet that I have to squish into them.

I am sooooo not sure what this look is about, but I bet I’ll see it a lot in the tween/teen years. It makes me want my mom.

Whatever the look, he turned on his heel belly to conquer that slide again and again.

And after checking out the playhouse,

He dragged me over to the swings.

Now if that doesn’t start the day off better than a bowl of oatmeal, I’m not sure what will.

This whole “less time on the computer” idea is paying off in spades.

I think someone feels the same.