Ocean-front property.

My inspiration this week:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

And what did we plan? A beach vacation.

We’ve been talking about it for years. We’ve priced it. We’ve planned it. We’ve rescheduled it. And this week, I remembered…this is right in our own backyard. Yep, even here in Colorado.

So I planned it out with a friend of mine, who is most recently from California. One who, also most recently, has been missing her ocean.

We went to the Boulder Reservoir.

It might not sound like much, but oh. It was.

It was a sandy beach where we laid out blankets and towels and threw sand toys about so that little boys could throw on their swim goggles and grab and explore and dig.

A spot where big buckets could suck up lapping water and build moats and pools and reservoirs of our own to drown those pesky storm-trooper-eating triceratops.

A place where a toddler could wear a smokin’-cool hat and sneak goodies out of the picnic basket as much as he wanted and let the warm juice of strawberries drip down his chin and milky-white belly.

And a space in which the warm sun and soft clouds could lull a little one into a sleepy state.

But above all else, a big slice of sandy Heaven where boys could chase beach balls over hills,

And come back to splash and let their boyness spill out,

While the momma friend could breathe in fresh air, though not salty, but still yet breathe a little deeper being near the water and love up her boys and mine.

And we took a few breaks, here and there, to rinse sand out of spots where there usually isn’t sand,

And to put sand once again between toes and on the backs of swim trunks and legs.

But really taking every opportunity to grab this one wild and precious life and enjoy our beachfront.

What else did we find? A frog.

This little guy helped make more friends to help squeeze the fun out of this sunny day. Some new friends even came with their own plumber’s butt and surfer tan.

Some went in search of their own baby frogs and bird feathers.

Just as that big ball of sun was at its peak and starting to descend into afternoon, we rinsed off what sand we could, rolled up our blankets and towels, and piled back into the car to go home for some siesta after the fiesta.

And siesta we did. For almost three hours. There’s not much better than the kind of nap you get after being in the sun and water. There’s also not much better than finding more wildness and preciousness in unexpected places.

Here’s to your plan today. Hope it’s awesome.