Just a little continuation of catch up from … gasp … last year.

Happy 1.1.11, btw.

October seems to mark the landslide into January for me. With it comes fall decorations, going for a pumpkin hunt, planning our annual Halloween bash, then before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas and the New Year celebrations are breathing hot and heavy on our heels.

See? Today marks the first day of 2011, and I don’t know even know what really happened over the last three months.

Thank goodness for pictures, yes? And thank goodness for my friend, Kim Jones, rising to the occasion once again to capture this nutso fam scampering about trying to keep track of each other.


kjp.jpgkjp october 4144.jpg


I think my boys are awfully cute. Even with fishy face.

kjp october 4145.jpg

However. If he starts yelling anything like, “He wants you too, Malachi,” all bets are OFF.

kjp october 4151.jpg

Look at the baby Ellie dog. We had just brought her home from the Humane Society the day before. She’s still a little slinky and unsure, but really happy to be out of the kennel.

kjp october 4139.jpg

A little camera shy. She’s an old pro, now, btw.

kjp october 4146.jpg

There. That’s better. Her ears are even getting a little perky. And check out Holden’s rock-n-roll stance. Little dude knows how to rock it.

kjp october 4148.jpg

I think I tried rockin’ it in this photo, but he still upstages me. He’s grounded. And I think I’m grounded, too, for that Texas hair. Good honk.

kjp october 4152.jpg

But oh gosh he’s a divine and handsome one, here. Ok. Momma forgives you, baby.

kjp october 4153.jpg

And what of this little Terror? Making friends with cows right and left, he was.

kjp october 4154.jpg


I love mayhem pictures. It’s the real deal, ya’ll. And gracious I was blonde. (Notice I said “was”. Am sporting a darker, festive winter color presently.)


Melt. Look at those minions holding hands. Love.

kjp october 4158.jpg

Booty shot.

kjp october 4159.jpg

Yep, you. Ornery. Love you.

kjp october 4163.jpg

Love these punks, too.

kjp october 4156.jpg

I think I’m going to start doing this in public. Just shouting out with glee and joy and orneriness at the top of my lungs. I think I’d have a lot of followers.

kjp october 4155.jpg

Holding on. Probably for dear life.

kjp october 4157.jpg

By this time, we had lost rights to our wagon and pumpkins somewhere in the field and had to start over. But not to worry…

kjp october 4164.jpg

We’re all for one, baby.