Okie Dokie.

Do you guys ever blurt things out? Things that you know are really, really good things, but then once they’ve left your mouth, you realize that you’ve just committed yourself to something? You know your intention and you know that it’s been bubbling up, but you also might forget for a split second that it will take courage and showing something vulnerable about yourself. 

K. So I did that. Yesterday, I said something on social media about a lifestyle change, and that I was going to be a spiritual gangsta, and then there was this part about “being the flow.”

Then I looked at that post this morning, and there were a lot of likes (well, for one of my posts anyway). And I’ve been wrestling with that. I’ve not been wrestling with the noticing of the post, but with the fact that I committed that to myselfIn public.

Okie dokie.

Nope. No courage. I mean, it’s one thing to talk about the universe and quote Ghandi…but to talk from my own spiritual gangsta place? You guys? Um…that’s gonna be about God. 

Nope. I don’t want to lose some of my friends. I don’t want to be weird. I don’t want to be left out of any of my circles. I don’t want my husband to feel embarrassed by me (different beliefs).

There. I said it. But I also said…be the flow.

Today is Halloween. As I was driving home from one of my weekly things (it was a Bible study), I saw a young woman dressed in stripes. Bright red hair (not regular red hair, but actual RED), a form fitting red and black striped tunic, and red and black striped knee socks. She crossed a very busy street, then leapt and high-skipped over leaves in the sidewalk sporadically. Not in any kind of pattern, but kind of like when little kids jump over the cracks. And she kept doing it whenever it struck her to do so. 

Totally made me grin from ear to ear. She didn’t give a flying flip about anything else but joy. That’s different from happiness, you know.

So I made a few more turns and found myself on another busy street, and I saw an old man making his way down the sidewalk. As each car approached him, he would stop and salute. He looked straight at each driver and came to attention and saluted. 

It’s going to take him an hour to walk a block, I thought. And then I grinned from ear to ear again

They were inspiring. They had courage. They believed in something and communicated it and let their freak flags fly. Hard. And I wasn’t even in Boulder.

Think about this today: 

How much of your days are spent in communication? We meet, talk, phone, text, write, search, send messages, share pictures and post to tell our latest news, to seek information and to exchange facts, ideas, opinions and feelings. Why? What if these exchanges slowed down, then stopped?

And that’s what I’ve got today. A cliffhanger perhaps. But a good question, none-the-less. I’m off to think about that.