After a day of fishing and sweating and discovering, we three prepared for leg number two of the Trip to Oklahoma. And DO NOT get all excited about the title of this post. In no way does this mean OU football, since I would NEVER defile this lovely blog with that nastiness.

Oh now, don’t get your panties in a wad. That’s Oklahoman for “calm down.”

It just simply means that we played football while in Oklahoma. And Ewan has his Heisman trophy stance down pat.

He’s going to have to work on the mouth signals, though. Whatevs. He still rocks it for a 15-month-old. And he’ll throw it to whomever looks like they’re paying attention. Or just to the wind, even. Like in this one.

And then he played dead some more.

At this point, something must have been coming for them both from out of the sky, which led to this weirdness.

And then it took them down and out. Well just Holden. Ewan somehow survived. He’s quick on his feet for a new walker.

Somehow, Holden got the case of the weirds even more intensely. I swear he’s a good looking kid. Truly. Maybe it’s all of the sweat in his hair.

And then Ewan played dead. AGAIN.