We’ve heard this every day from Holden this week:

This day has been the best day ever, the best day YET!

And we…are…loving it.

He’s had a playdate every day. And this house has been full of LIFE, people. Running, jumping, sword fighting, laughing, screaming, crying LIFE.

We started off the week with a friend in the neighborhood who is also a t-ball buddy. And how many points did I score for serving up cheese pizza? About a million.

Even with Ewan, who was just about as pleased as punch that there were kids everywhere.

Man we love freckles around here.

And then his two friends from the next neighborhood over came by for a couple of hours. There’s lots of Star Wars Lego-ing and Bionicle-ing with these friends, and today, there was lots of Ben 10-ing.

Although this one got distracted and tried like everything to figure out the Hoops game.

But then was stumped by the Ben 10 watch.

(His Hitler-type-mustachio is brought to you courtesy of a belly-flop gone awry in the kiddie pool and a mishap with the pool’s floor. But not on my watch.)

I think that this is what I have to look forward to within the next two years. This is some mad kind of brotherly love.

This, too.

(No one was hurt during the taking of these pictures or otherwise. At least not on my watch.)

And today, two more friends came over, this time a brother/sister combo. The sister had the two boys tied up in ribbons. Literally. And then they dragged each other through the house and around in circles, stopping for a while so that she could tie them up more tightly. (It made me wish I would have had a little brother. Just look at the fear-of-God look in the eyes of that one on the right…)

But then they switched the rules on her and dragged her and her stuffed chipmunk (that freaked out Todd Helton, the cat) around in circles.

And if you can read the blurry clock on the wall in the background, this was all done by 10:30 this morning. We don’t mess around.

Ewan was having a day filled with I-don’t-feel-so-well and fever, so he welded himself to my hip and only asked to get down when the coast was clear.

After some time of running in circles and playing golf and street hockey outside, the troops came in and tried to hang that stuffed chipmunk in a slow death over the banister,

But the one on the end couldn’t bear for it to end this way.

(No chipmunks were harmed today. At least…not on my watch.)

But what did happen on my watch? A couple of bruised feelings, a mishap in the bathroom involving poop and underwear, some spilled juice and a slippery slidey kid, the death of a Frisbee that Oscar the dog ate in 9 seconds flat, and a near hit in a ceiling fan incident. But there was also lots of laughing, some poop jokes, a lot of bubbles, a healthy snack, and we found all of the golf balls.

Not bad for amateurs, I must say. And yes, I’m talking about the kids.

Because I am…

the professional.