Hank, emerging from his basement office: “Is something burning up here?”

Me, waving a dishtowel under the smoke alarm and silently/fervently whispering for it not to go on: “Yep.”

Hank: “What?”

Me…well, I just took him by the hand, walked to the trash can, and pulled this out.

untitled shoot-008-2.jpg

We don’t eat a lot of popcorn around here. In fact, this package is probably at least a year old. (And even better than that, I’ve placed my copyright on that fabulous picture, just in case anyone wants to have it for their own. Outstanding.)

Do you see that it completely melted the hard plastic food cover? What is that about? What can possibly be in there to do that?!

Needless to say, I obviously have no talent whatsoever in the art of cooking microwave popcorn. But I do have a talent for finding new food covers that are microwave safe. I shall be doing that tomorrow.

I have also discovered a new love, LOVE, for our main floor’s powder bathroom. It, my friends, is quite simply, a dry sauna. Yep. Awesome. Whenever I have a chill that just can’t be warmed, I go in there for a few minutes. It seems that this time last year, post new wood floor installation, I put all of our new custom wood vent covers on the vent openings.


The polyurethane might not have ready for that. As in not yet dried. As in still tacky. As in…they might be stuck forever.

So in the summertime, my dry sauna turns into a meat locker.

Now who wants to hire me for their next DIY project?!