the opposite of “i’m bored.”

Funny…this time last week we were in the mountains without agenda, with seemingly nothing to do, and do you know what?

We forgot there was TV.

We also forgot there were screens of any kind, and we forgot the phrase, “I’m bored.”

We are now, as a family, smartly searching for our own, personal oasis in a little place called Away-From-It-All. Because you know why? Maybe we need a place where we can listen to awful-and-not-very-funny jokes that make young boys snort with laughter on a plaid couch in a warm spot with lamps made out of antlers and such.

1227 grand lake-006

1227 grand lake-004 1227 grand lake-007

We definitely could use a spot to make delicious pancakes and where we perhaps burn the bacon and need to leave the fan in the window for about 15 minutes or so.

1227 grand lake-016 1227 grand lake-018 1227 grand lake-019 1227 grand lake-020 1227 grand lake-021

A spot to continue playing chess, which I think we’ve finally figured out how to play, thanks to a great version called No Stress Chess.

1227 grand lake-009 1228 grand lake-071 1228 grand lake-073 1228 grand lake-074

And maybe they need to go outside to play in the snow and jump off of buildings.

Like superheroes.

And because we weren’t THAT far away from the nearest medical facilities. I think.

1227 grand lake-022 1228 grand lake-001 1228 grand lake-002 1228 grand lake-004 1228 grand lake-007 1228 grand lake-010 1228 grand lake-011 1228 grand lake-012

How about a spot where you can just bust out your sled or bury yourself in the snow at an any given moment?

1228 grand lake-018 1228 grand lake-019 1228 grand lake-021 1228 grand lake-023 1228 grand lake-025 1228 grand lake-027 1228 grand lake-033 1228 grand lake-055 1228 grand lake-056 1228 grand lake-029 1228 grand lake-032 1228 grand lake-035 1228 grand lake-038 1228 grand lake-039 1228 grand lake-053 1228 grand lake-052 1228 grand lake-050 1228 grand lake-063 1228 grand lake-065 1228 grand lake-042 1228 grand lake-041 1228 grand lake-045 1228 grand lake-047 1228 grand lake-048 1228 grand lake-049 1228 grand lake-057 1228 grand lake-060 1228 grand lake-020 1228 grand lake-069 1228 grand lake-068

Sounds good to me, too.

Next post, I’ll show you how to ride through the forest in a two-horse open sleigh.

Yeehaw people.