Ornery. {family session}

Have you ever met someone, or a whole family of someones for that matter, who just pulse with energy and fun and excitement and orneriness? Me too. And here they are.


Oh my word. Even the Fergie dog couldn’t bear it. I LOVE this picture. It shows exactly the energy and chaos of the moment. I laugh every time I see this picture; mainly because it fits these guys to a T (and please understand, I know them well enough to say that and love them to pieces!).

We had a great session. These kids are about the most vivacious and fun-loving little ones I’ve ever met.

Kids 3


This one will steal your heart faster than he can twist your ear. But you have to catch him first.

Ear twister

And this one? What a sweetie pie.

Kids 2

She’s a good baby squisher.

Baby squishing

And their wranglers: The mom and dad. Gorgeous.

Family 2

Scott and ali 2

Can you see where the little guy gets his orneriness? Look at that dad, as though it would hurt being being loved on by his beautiful bride. Too funny.

Scott and ali

IMG 2234  2010 12 10 at 16 32 32

As the sun went down behind those beautiful blue mountains and we laughed our way out of the park, I turned to the dad and asked if there were any other pictures he might like to have. He sheepishly said no, so I had to prod a little and ask, “Really? Not even with your dog?”


I thought so. And there’s that face again, yes? Maybe it’s just normal.