Our cute little small town. Oh. And its parade.

At the risk of sounding like a complete and total knob, I was really, really, really excited about our homecoming parade this past Friday night. For the few days leading up to the parade, big trailers began popping up here and there in our neighborhood with stacks of hay and float decorations, and kids on the way to and from the bus stop were busy chattering on about this and that float being built. Questions of, “Are you going to homecoming?” were thrown around, and the younger kids caught on like crazy.

As soon as I confirmed that yes, there would be a parade, I followed it up with what sealed the deal:

There will also be candy.

Our boys were in, and we hopped on our bikes and rode downtown.

We learned from previous parade goers that this particular spot was the only corner to turn in the parade, which meant that the floats would have to slow down, bottleneck a little bit, and there would prime candy-catching opportunities.

Strategery, people.

Our friends starting showing up.

Yes, that’s a plastic bag over his head.

It’s ok. His mom’s an ER nurse.

More peeps came to stake a claim on our curb.

And then…

It was go time.

What would our quaint little town’s homecoming parade be without a smattering of football teams?

Or cheerleaders, for that matter. I think I counted about a half dozen football team floats and about three cheerleader ones.

Impressive. (Those two with the orange hair up there have grown up with my boys; in fact, that little one was born exactly two weeks after our youngest. They’re destined for a life together… *sigh*.)

I think my favorite was this particular part of the parade.

Some horses did what horses always do, and then my 6YO child acted the way all 6YO’s do when they see what horses do.

Needless to say, some candy was left in the street after all.

I couldn’t resist posting this pic of our mayor, whom I’ve met and talked with about a hundred times and I swear he’s a goldfish because he looks surprised when we meet…every time. It’s like he’s never seen me before.

It’s ok. It’s become really funny, actually, as in I’ll say to Hank, “Hey babe? I’m just gonna go introduce myself to the mayor real quick, Ok? Ok.” And then we giggle until we snort.

I love this town.

And I love these kids.

I think that my boy’s teeth were stuck together from about 5,000 Tootsie Rolls hooking up with about 300 Jolly Ranchers in his mouth. I’m so excited-I-mean-petrified that our family teeth cleaning appointment is just next week. Help me.

My super cute neighbor grabbed my camera to take a romantic pic of Hank and me…

Son of a biscuit, but he looks like I’m killing him.

And just check out my new super short bangs. Love them. Although I did mention to my girlfriend who cuts my hair that I think I remember this same bang cut as a kid, but that was totally different because that one happened in order to get the gum out of my hair after I fell asleep with it in my mouth.

She is fabulous, my girlfriend who cuts my hair.

Hmmm. I am diggin’ her long, grown-out bangs, however.

Hey Jody? How long will it take my hair to look like yours again?