Our “Home Opener”

The Rockies opened their season last week in St. Louis, then opened at home Friday afternoon. We didn’t have tickets until Saturday night’s game vs. the Diamond Backs. We had a great time (even though the Rox lost) and there is certainly at least one family (and one little boy for sure) that is happy it’s baseball season again! Go Rockies!

Highlights from the game include:

  • Rockies Fans still Harassing Byrnes
  • 11 trips to the bathroom in 9 innings!
  • Holden’s Rally cap
  • Helton homer

Holden, Chicken, and Baseball

Holden was very excited to find out that they had chicken at the ball park (lucky for Mary and I the “Chicken Stand” is right behind our section – as is the bathroom).
The view from there

This is the view from our new section – kind of makes you feel like you’re playing left field. We’re stoked!

Happy Baseball Family

Happy baseball family!