He’s back.

20111125 1124 Thanksgiving 49

It took the boys a little while to find his note and the book out again this season. Ozzy, our Elf on the Shelf, showed up on Black Friday, otherwise known as the “return of Ozzy day”.

20111126 1127 ozzy 2

The 2yo loves him during the day, but is quite creeped out over him at night. And the fact that Ozzy took over his dump truck for a whole day on his return didn’t go over very well, either.

20111126 1127 ozzy 3

20111126 1127 ozzy 5

We had lots of talks with The Rev over it that first day.

20111126 1127 ozzy 4

And by dark, he had to sleep in my bed with me (Hank was out of town) and kept sending me on scouting missions to make sure Ozzy had “flown back to Christmas” for the night. When I finally gave up and sent Ozzy on his way, The Rev had to go check out the empty dump truck for himself. Only then did he drift off to sleep.

In my bed.


The next morning, Ozzy was found sending emails to Santa.

20111127 1127 ozzy 6

The fact that he was trapped under the computer made him much more appealing, I think.


20111127 1127 ozzy 7


That little elf sure did back me up at dinnertime when a certain smallest/youngest/stubbornest person of this household would not keep his hands or his tongue to himself. He kept grabbing his brother and licking him until I mentioned Wi-Fi and the email access that Ozzy had at the moment to add or not to add to Santa’s Naughty List.

I’m so glad these boys are so technologically savvy.

Dinner turned out to be awesome.